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Would you like to be confident?

Hi all Scott Fitzgerald here. I wanted to ask you a question.. Would you like to be confident? But are you sure it is confidence you're after or certainty?

Do you believe the sun will come up tomorrow? Do you believe there is blood in your veins? Do you believe that the world is round? Well I'm sure you are certain of those answers. You don't need to be confident about that you know the answers when you are certain.

But confidence only happens when there is uncertainty. Many people spend a huge amount of time striving for control and trying to eliminate risk, confidence is not certainty and can only be present when there is a risk.

The difference with someone who is confident is that they know in their minds that they will get the outcome they desire.

For example: A confident man who wants to find the love of his life will go up and approach many women and get rejection after rejection, but these rejections don't phase him and he carries on searching knowing in his mind if he keeps searching and gets through the rejections he will eventually find true love.

Another question: Do you believe Cristiano Ronaldo is a great football player? Yes we are certain of this.

But does every time he shoots he scores? No But yet we still believe he is a world class football player.

But everytime he misses, he keeps going and doesn't let the miss effect him.

Confident people take steps to minimise the risk Confident people learn and grow Confident people get use to rejection so much that they are indifferent to it.

Confident people know they will succeed eventually

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