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Stop smoking hypnosis

Feel Great, Look Younger & Fitter as a Non-Smoker

I use a unique combination of CBT and hypnosis which is why our success rate is high.

​How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need to quit smoking?

You only need just one genuine reason to stop smoking and I will be able to help you stop smoking for good.

Our quit smoking method can result in no weight gain, no cravings or mood swings. Additionally, you can kick the smoking habit much faster than you might anticipate. I'm also confident you'll be surprised just how easy and cost-effective hypnosis can be to help you quit smoking - all without any withdrawal symptoms or nicotine patches.

Go smoke-free today!

As a qualified hypnotherapist, my Wimborne-based hypnotherapy practice has treated many smokers by stopping smoking and banishing cigarette cravings with a highly successful treatment through hypnotic suggestions and other techniques.

Don't waste another day ruining your looks, stinking of cigarette smoke smells, damaging both your physical and mental health and burning money that could be spent on better things in your life. 

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How Much Can You Save if you quit smoking cigarettes?

A pack of 20 Richmond cigarettes in Tesco cost £10.35

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day

Weekly Saving: £72.45

Monthly Saving: £314.81

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Smoking Hypnotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of things you could be spending that extra money on.

How long does it take to stop smoking?

All it takes is just one session of approximately 2 hours with me, I use a unique combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis which is why I have high success rates.

​What does a smoking cessation hypnotherapy session involve?

The session starts by explaining amazing facts about nicotine, how cravings arise and the psychological processes which underpin the habit and addictive aspects of smoking.

The session continues with a powerful hypnotic induction to harness the hidden resources of your unconscious mind.

How much does smoking cessation hypnosis cost?

A smoking cessation session with me cost £300 (that is around the same price as a 20 a day smoker smokes in a month).

For more information call Oakley Hypnotherapy 07525851033

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