Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at times, for example attending a job interview or waiting for results of an exam. In normal circumstances these fears are proportional to the actual situation and are short-lived.

Many anxiety disorders are limited to one aspect of a person’s life, like their health or relationship. Some people may have an appropriate concern over such things, those with an anxiety disorder magnify the likelihood of a negative outcome and its potential consequences very unrealistically.

For some people however, anxiety can be almost constant, they worry and feel fearful about a range of matters. Their daily lives are affected in countless ways and they may even forget what it felt like to live without the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Always expecting the worst possible outcome and negative thinking may become a way of life.

Anxiety conditions are fueled by distorted thinking, mainly focusing on what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen, dwelling on the negative and exaggerating risk. In brief, the sufferer usually confuses a probability with a possibility.


Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is unfortunately so common. It is a very common form of anxiety and can be mild, moderate or severe.

In mild cases, a person may simply dislike public speaking or being asked to give a presentation at a staff meeting. They might not want to be the centre of attention at a party.

In moderate cases, this may develop further to declining invitations to parties and avoiding crowded places such as bars and clubs.

In severe cases someone may avoid public places such as supermarkets and wherever there is social interaction. This can result in the sufferer becoming very reclusive and isolated, which can lead to depression. 



If you feel that any of the above description fits with your own experience's, the good news is that help is at hand.

Anxiety doesn’t need to become a way of life. Effective anxiety treatments and techniques such as hypnotherapy can help you deal with your fears and release you from the burden of constant worry.  

Anxiety conditions respond well to a combination treatment including hypnotherapy, counselling and rapid transformational therapy. 

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