My Story from Dorset Hynotherapist - Scott Fitzgerald

Hi all

I thought I would write this as some patients have asked about my back story.

I was a shy kid growing up, I had a few close friends but I wasn't the popular kid at school. I never felt like I fit in at school and felt like an outsider, I use to think back then that the popular kids were the loud kids that were full of themselves, I wasn't like that, I was more reserved, kept myself to myself. Seeing this I thought that growing up I had to be loud and full of myself to be popular.

When I turned 18 I went down the night clubs but found that it was hard to interact with others (especially girls). I had little social skills and was painfully shy, this also didn't help much getting a job with job interviews. I use to get horrible anxiety in social situations, I couldn't do big groups, I just felt inferior to everyone. So when I got to my mid 20's I decided enough was enough. I turned to self help books and found out about Paul Mckenna's Instant Confidence book, this helped me a lot but I needed more, I eventually went to see a hypnotherapist and he helped me with my confidence issues. I was fascinated to learn about hypnotherapy after this and did a course in 2011, after this I studied NLP and Psychotherapeutic Counselling.
During this journey I use to practice hypnotherapy on my friends and eventually opened up my practice, its good to do a job that I feel so much passion about and being able to help others that were also lacking confidence and having anxiety issues.

If you would like my help with anxiety or confidence issues then call me at Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033.