Weight Loss Hypnotherapy 

Lets be honest we all know how to lose weight, you simply have to eat less and exercise more. Being able to stick this is a different matter.

For a majority of people the yoyo dieting has become a way of life, initial success followed by the slow regain of the weight lost. There can be many reasons for this but the main ones include:

  • Not having a realistic strategy

  • Falling back into bad habits

  • Loss of focus

Our weight control program combines practical advice and tips for the mind to create a more powerful strategy to reach your goals for long lasting change. As well as this we offer a deep level hypnosis to increase motivation, boost self-esteem and reduce stress levels, which will remove the need for comfort eating.

All you need to succeed with this method is a clear and realistic target weight and at least one good reason why you want to reach your target weight.

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