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Getting Over a Break Up

Relationship break ups can be tough and very traumatic. 

Sometimes we can see them coming but often times we can't and they come right out the blue. 

I'm sure as well your friends and family have tried comforting you with lines such as:

  • You're better off without them 

  • You were too good for him/her anyway

  • Its their loss

  • There are plenty more fish in the sea

Have these well intention statements ever made anyone feel better about a break up?
We know logically there are plenty more fish in the sea but we don't want them, we want the one that got away.

A crucial part of a recovery is to understand and accept that ALL things come to an end. Accept the new beginnings. All relationships no matter how amazing and wonderful will eventually end, either death or circumstances will part you at some point. As they say the greatest love story ever told ends in tragedy.

BUT your capacity for love and ability to form new relationships never ends.

Every relationship is different and every break up is different. So if you are stuck getting over a break up then call Scott on 07525851033 to book a free initial consultation

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