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Counselling Wimborne and Dorset


At various times we all have challenges and experience unhappy times in our lives . Sometimes the challenges are so great that we may feel overwhelmed and confused.
At such times, it is important to have someone understanding to talk to and support.
Counselling from a professional counsellor who is unbiased and empathic, in a safe environment, can help us cope and find the way forward.

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Counselling can help in several ways:

  • Counselling provides a safe, non-judgmental environment, creating  an opportunity to share your thoughts,  feelings and behavioral responses with a trained professional where the issues and difficulties that are causing you distress and concern can be explored, understood and worked through. 

  • Counselling can help reduce distressing symptoms, give you a different perspective and leave you feeling empowered and confident to move forward in making decisions which are sometimes difficult to face.  

  • Counselling helps to elicit faulty thinking, explore unconscious processes which may result in unwelcome behavioral patterns.

  • Counselling enhances self-awareness, providing you with the ability to make new and informed choices. 

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To book a free initial consultation call Scott at Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033

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