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Money and Mental Health

Money doesn't buy you happiness but it can give you other things such as freedom, time, peace of mind and the ability to help others.

I am no financial advisor and I believe you should only invest what you can afford to lose. But I do a lot of research about money and investments and if I can point you in the right direction I will be more than willing to help.

If you believe though that money can make you happy then your'e right... but only for a bit. But the happiness in money can only last as long as the items money buys. For example if you buy a new TV to make you happy then the happiness is only going to last as long as that initial 'buzz' after a while this will fade and you will need something else to fill in that happiness hole.

But like I say money doesn't buy you happiness and this is not what this page and my articles are about. I created these pages so you can make the most of your money to give you freedom, to give you choices. 

As they say, money doesn't buy you happiness but neither does poverty.

Check my articles on stop falling for fake guru's and money can't make you happy and look out for future updates.

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