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Hypnotherapy For Depression


Depression can manifest itself in many ways; you can feel sad, unhappy, miserable and some people who suffer with depression, can even say they don’t know why they have the depression and that they have a good life and have no reason to feel depressed, they just can’t understand why they feel down all the time and have the depression. Some people can point to the very cause of the depression, that event may of been a along time ago, but they just can’t seem to lift that feeling.

There are two types of depression -  reactive and clinical

Reactive depression occurs as the result of a trauma. Such as the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship breakdown or a serious injury. In such these sort of situations we may expect someone to experience a period of depression afterwards.

Reactive depression often responds well to a combination of suggestion hypnosis and counselling.

Clinical depression is usually characterised by recurrent bouts, and often has seemingly has no direct cause. This can also cause secondary problems, for example some people experience guilt over feeling depressed, because on the surface there seems to be no apparent reason for such feelings.

Clinical Depression responds well in many cases to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). This is because no one is born depressed, and if you were not born with this, something has caused it, RTT seeks to find that cause and remove it.

In cases of depression, whilst I am happy to help and have great success in doing so, it is advisable to discuss your symptoms with your GP.

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