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Are you looking for your purpose in life?

Hi everyone I wanted to talk about how to find your purpose in life. This is something a lot of people seem to struggle with because mainly they go about it all wrong. Now if you are sat there reading this with what feels like a void inside you that you can do so much more, you can contribute so much more in this life but you just cant seem to get a break in life. Maybe you are in a job that you hate right now and cant get promoted because your boss is an asshole or you want to find the love of your life but you go from one short relationship to another. I of course am not going to give you a direct answer on your purpose as everyone's purpose is different but you can find your own purpose using the same blueprint. BUT I can give you a direct answer now though... if you think that your purpose in life is to be a millionaire or only stay in 5 star hotels or have a fancier car than your neighbour then I am going to tell you now you are dead wrong!! Finding your purpose with money or stuff is just like filling a volcano throwing match sticks in it. Money and stuff are the by product of when you find your purpose A lot of people struggle with this mainly because... well they seem to think that finding your purpose in life is going to take having an Isaac Newton moment of an apple falling on their head and then saying EUREKA I HAVE FOUND MY PURPOSE :) :) :) :) Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. You don't find your purpose... YOU DECIDE ON YOUR PURPOSE!! First of all let me ask you a question.. WHAT DO YOU WANT? What do you want right now? Get a piece of paper and answer this. Maybe its the career of your dreams, the love of your life, maybe its nothing to do with money and you want to go out and help people or animals. What ever it is write it down so you know where you are focusing. The problem many people try and do is find the easy answer in life, that golden bullet if you like. For example they buy plenty of self help books and try and flick through them trying to find the easy answer or they make an investment and pull out within a few months as they are not seeing big returns.

Now have answered what you want right now... Answer this... What would life look like if everything was perfect? If everything just worked out and you are living in a state of inner peace and tranquility. (Now don't get trapped into assuming you need to know the whole plan of how to get there or you may not have the skills required to get there.) Now that you have answered this you can now WORK BACKWARDS from the future you of living this great life to how you are today. What does it take to get there? What level of success do you need? What are you doing with time? What training do you need? Now you have some sort of plan of what is needed, what is required of you. This is the difference between me asking you to make me a cream cake to me asking you to make me some food as I am hungry and I will only tell you when you have made me the right food. You may not know how to make a cream cake in this instance but you can research, making me something that you wont know what to make is just taking wild swings in the dark and hoping you will succeed. A side note to this...Remember the universe is always moving and always expanding... A tree that doesn't grow any new leaves is a dead tree. Life is about the journey and you will never arrive at the end. I am sure the knowledge you have learned after leaving school massively out weighs the knowledge you learned at school. You have to keep learning and keep evolving in life. There are countless (what were) big business's that went bankrupt because they didn't move with the times. If you would like my help finding your purpose, motivation or self esteem issues then call Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 to book an initial consultation.

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