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Law of attraction: Does it really work??

Hi So law of attraction, does it work or is it just more people selling snake oil. The biggest law of attraction book out there is the secret by Rhonda Bryne. There is also a documentary on Netflix (I believe it is also on Youtube as well. The documentary features so called law of attraction experts like Dr Joe Vitale and Bob Procter. Unfortunately, the contents of this book and the contributions made by a number of thinkers on the subject were heavily sanitised for marketing purposes. (but given the success it was clearly successfully).

Lets take the idea of the law of attraction, basically the mass market description of it is the belief that thinking positive or negative thoughts bring positive of negative things into peoples lives. To put it another way like attracts like. So for example if you were to sit here and think that you were a millionaire, see it in mind mind and truly believe that you are a millionaire then you will become a millionaire. The MASSIVE PROBLEM WITH THIS THINKING is the fact that you can sit there all day long and think that you are a millionaire all you want but you are not. You know that you are not and no matter how much you visualise and think you believe it, deep down you know you are not.

BUT this maybe hard to do as adults but what about children? children have got a brilliant imagination of thinking things are real, like playing football with their friends and seeing themselves playing for England at the world cup. But these kids don't end up playing for England and end up in some mundane 9 till 5 job. Or what about little girls that play pretend believing that they are a princess and pretending they are going to get rescued by a handsome prince and live happily ever after, then these girls grow up ending up in one abusive relationship after another. So what about the people who do achieve their goals through the law of attraction? For example the guy on the secret who had a vision board with a picture of the house of his dreams on it and years later ended up living in that exact same house. Or some women who imagined the man of their dreams in great detail and ended up marrying them. So maybe some of these cases can just be a simple coincidence. Perhaps such examples might be better explained by the people in question working towards their goals. I think Marisa Peer said it best when she said that to get to the top floor some people get to use the lift whilst others have to climb the stairs. I believe that with enough persistence and hard work that anything is possible. But although positive thinking and visualizing is good, I don't believe it is enough on its own and you have to do a lot more than that to achieve life's big goals. SMART GOALS Persistence Taking risk Going through failure Going through rejection after rejection Hard work (Another word so called guru's don't like using) Commitment Discipline

Making sacrifices

Late nights These are the things you will have to go through in order to make life's big goals.

Since the secret some of the names that appeared on there make for some interesting reading now. Take David Schirmer who told us in the secret to just visualise cheques coming through the mail and they did. Since the secret David Schirmer is permanently banned from providing any financial services following an investigation by the ASIC (Australian securities and investment commision).. I wonder if he visualized that one? (Don't worry he still teaches the law of attraction) How about the philosopher James Arthur Ray who ran a 5 day retreat which included spending time in a sweat lodge in which unfortunately 2 people ended up dying. He got sentenced to 2 years in prison. ( Again don't worry he still teaches the law of attraction).

Or what about Cathy Goodman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and cured the cancer by seeing herself as already healed. She claimed she healed herself from cancer using the law of attraction. Unfortunately I found out after some research that Cathy Goodman died in 2014 of breast cancer.

If you would like my help with self esteem issues, weight loss or motivation working towards your goals then call Scott at Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 to arrange a free initial consultation. (And by the way I have not heard of any of these law of attraction guru's winning the lottery yet)

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