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Motivation: Micro habits

Hi all Have you ever made a goal and never achieved it? Better one is have you ever had a goal and not even started it? The problem is a lot of the times are goals are big goals, HUGE GOALS... Well they may not seem HUGE at the time but usually what happens is that we go from nothing to HUGE GOAL with nothing in between to build it up. Ow and by the way I'm not necessary talking a goal of becoming a millionaire or becoming an Olympic athlete but a HUGE goal in your mind can be going for a 5K run 5 times a week when you are normally use to doing zero running a week. Lets give an example to explain it better: Someone has a goal of wanting to do 50 push ups a day, everyday (instead of the zero they usually do daily). Now that may seem an achievable goal but think about it, this person is going from doing nothing to doing 50 push ups a day, this habit has not built in this person's system and without big enough motivation this person will fail or worse not even start. Now to build a micro habit this person would be better off having a goal of doing 1 push up a day. Now I know what you are thinking 1 push up a day is a bit pointless what is anyone going to gain from that? Well they gain to build the habit, if your mind knows all you have to do is do 1 push up it is easy to just get on and do it, but when doing that push up then the motivation will be to do more. There is another thing to add on this... For this to technique to work even better the micro habit has to be started at the same time. So the push up has to be done at the same time everyday. This will eventually build the habit of doing push ups. Lets give another example say you want to go to the gym in the evening 3 times a week when you use to never go to the gym. Okay so the micro habit here would be to go to the gym at 7pm, but the main goal would be just to go to the gym and swipe your card in and that's it, anything else is a bonus. So you go to the gym, scan in and that is the micro habit complete. My challenge for you is to look at the goals you want to achieve and start creating micro habits for them. If you would like my help with motivation, weight loss, anxiety issues or confidence issues then call Scott at Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 to book a free initial consultation.

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