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Money: Stop falling for the fake guru's

Hi all I went on Youtube today and as I don't have Youtube unlimited I have to watch a 5 second advert. I've had a number of these type of advertisement videos come up numerous times, they say that they can make you 6 to 7 figure salaries, stop selling your time for money, you can make money on Amazon, Ebay, working from your laptop, consultant business's etc. They say its so easy. Then they sell the dream, that they gave up there boring 9 to 5 job and now able to travel the world, spend more time with their family and friends. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK THE LINK BELOW!! These advertisements are to hook you in, sell you that dream of earning so much money by doing very little work for the money. These people may even through in a free ebook just for clicking on the link (law of reciprocity - they give you something for free so therefore you feel inclined to give them something back). They pray on the desperate and vulnerable and I'm sure you will see more and more of these ad's now we are in a recession. But the main goal of this short ad is to click the link below... And watch a 'live' webinar. So after you have clicked this link it will take you to their web page with their webinar on it. Now this is the selling video. This is the video that they will reel you in and sell you their online course. This webinar will first tell you to get rid of any distractions, go to a room where you won't be disturbed, turn off Facebook and Instagram and concentrate on the webinar because this will change your life. Well they don't want you telling anyone who will talk you out of this will they. They will now tell you their back story, the back story will include things like:

  • How they were just like you,

  • Working long hours

  • Not having much free time for their family and friends

  • In a dead end job that didn't fulfill them

  • Having no energy

  • Being a loner at school

  • Feeling anxious and depressed

  • Not being good at anything

  • Being stuck in the rat race

  • Like you I knew there had to be more to life than this

That's just to name a few, this is the part of the story where they try and relate to the position that you're in now, this is the I did it and so can you story. Of course if these people have done the initial advertising right then they have attracted the most vulnerable people to the webinar.

After this back story, now they are going to try and rewire your mindset for their benefit. Now comes the 'Money is abundant' 'Money isn't scarce' 'Money never goes away' 'There are plenty of people with money' 'There are more and more millionaire's in the world now than ever before'. Then they give you the price of the course and its for example $2000. That's a lot of money... Well actually no it isn't because you've just been told money is abundant, and if you believe now that $2000 is a lot of money then you're thinking in that scarce mindset, and that's the mindset that this guru has told you to get out of. So if you don't have the money right now that's okay because you can put it on your credit card and you'll soon pay it back because money is abundant. But here's the thing... They tell you that you have to put in the work, they will tell you that you have to take the action. They tell you this like they only want a special sort of person who will put in the effort, and they know you will be sitting there thinking I can put in the hard work no problem. So in that advertising video when they said it was easy they have just gone back on!! SO WHEN YOU BUY THAT COURSE AND IT DOESN'T WORK... YOU CAN'T BLAME THEM AS THEY TOLD YOU NOW THAT YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE HARD WORK. Now comes the testimonials about all the successful people who have gone on the course and earned thousands and millions of dollars. 'Here's Johnny and he made 10 thousand dollars in 2 months' ' This student made 6 figures in just under 6 months'. Now its the make it sound easy moment... 'You don't need any tech skills' 'No expertise' 'Doesn't matter about your experience' etc etc Now we are coming to the end and your rational mind is still thinking that its to expensive or you will have to have a think about it... Well they don't want you to think like that. So here comes the law of scarcity. If you sign up now you get these free gifts, but only if you sign up at the end of the webinar. And if you think about it then you are going to miss out on these bonuses. They are telling you this as well with a clock on the page counting down. Or for a limited time they can give you the price of the course for $1000.

Now if you bought the course that's it right? Well of course not, that is just the first step on the ladder. Next is the mastermind course and the live event. Then you can join the inner circle club where you pay so much money a month to be an exclusive member. These guys now have an army of fans

The live events will make you feel like a celebrity and have you hang around with like minded people. This will be like a happy clappy event that will have you come out more motivated to basically buy more courses. Of course you probably wonder why no one has spoken out against the course, well they put the responsibility back on YOU. So if you fail its because you didn't put the work in. Conclusion

I don't have any problems with online courses but I don't buy in to the guru's. I buy courses on Udemy (but these are just courses that are £10 and they don't sell me the next course), listen to books on audible, watch information videos on Youtube. I wanted to educate you on how these people hook you in to high priced courses that don't teach anything and just sell you a dream that they can't give you.

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