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Law of attraction - Does visualising really work?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Hi there, Scott Fitzgerald here.

I get asked a lot about the law of attraction and whether I believe in it or not. I have clients come in and ask if I have watched the secret and do I believe it works. The answer is yes and no... That's a wishy washy answer I hear you say. Well here's the thing, I have read countless number of books, watched many videos on the law of attraction and watched the secret. Most (99%) of the books I've read and videos I have watched just simply say all you have to do is to wish for something and visualize it, and eventually it will come true. I am not going to dispute that visualising is a great tool because it is. The only problem with this theory of wish something you want to come true and it will is that it is just that... WISHING AND WANTING!!!

The biggest topics on law of attraction are manifesting more money and manifesting love so I'll give two examples of this: Angela wants to meet the love of her life, she is fed up of relationships with men that just use her. So Angela decide's to visualise the man of her dreams and everything she wants in a relationship. Brian is fed up working in a dead end job, working from 9 till 5 in a job that under pays and doesn't appreciate his efforts. Brian wants to start his own business being a football coach, being his own boss at something he really feels passionate about. So Brian decides to visualise being his own boss and having his own successful business. The months and years role by and Angela still hasn't found the man of her dreams and Brian is still stuck in the dead end job and now both are getting very despondent with the law of attraction. Now Angela and Brian have started off doing the right thing by visualizing what they want... But... THAT'S ALL THEY HAVE DONE!! THEY JUST WISH AND WANT AND THAT'S WHAT THEY GET BACK - WISHING AND WANTING. Angela and Brian are just living in scarcity with only wishing and wanting - its more like daydreaming, like day dreaming about winning the lottery or dating a movie star. If just wishing and wanting could get you what you want there would be a lot of lottery winners (making the jackpot each week pointless to win as too many tickets would be winners) Beyonce would have a lot of husbands, Chris Hemsworth would have a lot of wives. (How special would you feel!) So many people would be playing football for England and scoring the winning goal in the world cup final (There would have to be a world cup final every hour for that to happen) There is something massive missing with just wishing and wanting... ACTION!! Taking action is a vital step in working towards what you want. I think Marisa Peer said it best when she said "The elevator might not always be working but the stairs are always available" Meaning that it might not always be easy to get to the top, but with enough action you will eventually get there. In conclusion I think that visualising what you want is good, but don't get stuck there... Take massive action towards your goals. If you want my help personally with depression, anxiety, confidence and/or motivation then call Scott at Oakley hypnotherapy on 07525851033 for a free initial consultation.

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