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If you lay down with dogs you will get up with flee's

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Hi all, Scott Fitzgerald here. So what do I mean by that statement? Well I am talking about the people you associate yourself with. A massive issue when someone change's for the better is that they go see their friends, family, work colleagues and any other people they associate themselves with. These people can see the change in them and for a minority of people (sadly it is a minority) they will be happy about the change, they will encourage you and tell you how wonderful it is that you have changed for the better. However... There will be people who will not want you to change. Why is this? Well the main reason is...


The other person you are talking to will now feel inferior to you, feeling like this they can choose to do 2 things.. 1. They can up there game and better themselves

2. Bring you back down to there level As the mind chooses the path of least resistance, most people will choose option 2.

I will give you an example... John comes to see me because he has a drinking problem, after several sessions with me, John gets rid of his drinking problem. John decides to go to the pub and see his old drinking buddies, these buddies of John see how well John is doing now, how much happier he seems... his buddies seem happy for John at first but the jealousy sinks in, John is not like them anymore. In this situation John's buddies have those two choices listed above, of course they choose option 2. So what are John's buddies going to do? That's right. They are going to persuade John to have a drink with them, they will use statements like "One drink wont hurt". I can guarantee if John hangs around with these friends long enough that he will go back to his old ways in time. My advice to John would be.. 1. Don't go to pubs. Like the saying says No matter how much you don't want a hair cut, if you sit in a barbers shop long enough, you will end up getting your hair cut. 2. Get some new hobbies, keeping your mind active with new challenges and with this will help finding new friends 3. Stop seeing these old friends that bring you down, or at the very least (if you cant avoid them) spend less time with them. If you are going through a journey of changing for the better then be aware of how your friends and family are treating you. If you notice that some of these people are trying to bring you down then either get rid of these people from your life or (and if only you can't do that) then spend a lot less time with them.

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