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How long do you spend looking at your phone? - Live in the moment

Hi all, Scott Fitzgerald here. I was walking past a restaurant last week and looked in the window and noticed that on a table there was a couple out having dinner, but they were both on their mobile phones, again I noticed a group of 4 people and again all on their phones. Then a few days ago I went to a pub and noticed a group of 8 people, yes 8 people all on their phones. I have even noticed people in the cinema looking at their phones (annoying people behind them with the light from their phone) Have you ever noticed this? Do you have friends or family like this? Have you ever been on a date and had this done to you? Now I don't know about you, but I go to restaurants and pubs to socialise with whoever I am with, if I was going to spend the time on the phone I might as well just of stayed at home! Its always good to have your mobile phone on you in case you need it for an emergency or someone needs to get hold of you but when you're looking at your phone when you're with company is a bit rude. What could be more interesting than being in the company with the person you are with? Another friend messaging? A potential date messaging? A new facebook friend request? More likes on your photo or status? A news article pop up? A potential football transfer for the club you support? Well lets face it, all these things can wait and letting these things all distract you will make your But its not the being rude aspect that I want to talk about, its the fact that these people who use their phone's while in the company of others are not present and are not in the moment. IF YOU ARE NOT PRESENT IN THE MOMENT THEN YOU CAN'T ENJOY THE MOMENT Do you know how much time you spend on your phone? What else could you be doing instead? What are you missing out on? Now I want you to know, I am not asking you to give up your mobile phone time altogether, I am asking you to stop using your phone while you're out and about with other people. By doing this you will enjoy the experience more and be more in the moment. If you are on a date especially don't use your phone, even if you are waiting. It makes you look unconfident. If you would like my help with anxiety, confidence issues or overcoming depression then call Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 and book a free initial consultation.

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