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Health Anxiety - Covid 19

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Are you worried about your health during this time? Do you get anxious that you will catch the virus? Do you worry other's you love will catch it? Or worse still that you will catch the virus and give it to someone you know and love? With all that's happening in world at the moment there is a lot of fear about catching this virus.

I'm sure you, like me, have read the harrowing stories of what and how people have suffered, the stories of seemingly perfectly healthy people in the prime of their lives dying due to this virus.

I have to admit these stories frightened me and made me feel very anxious when this all first started. One problem is the media - they love installing fear into people, they will make things sound a lot worse than what things are, they will twist everything the government says and just do it for viewing figures. Do yourself a massive favour... STOP LISTENING TO THE MEDIA.

A certain level of anxiety during this time can be okay, if we didn't have this it wouldn't remind us to stand 2 metres away from people, only go out when we need to and to sanitize our hands after touching things. This level of anxiety is a survival mechanism, just like feeling anxious when you stand next to a cliff ledge. It is there to keep us safe and healthy. The anxiety becomes a problem when it is overpowering, when you live in fear of getting the virus, when you worry about coughing or getting hot. Talk therapy and hypnotherapy and ease this anxiety within you.

If you are sensible during this time you will stay healthy. Remember: Stand 2 metres away from people

2 metres isn't that much of a distance, you can still talk to people from this distance and still feel close to them, I know its not the same as hugging them but its only temporary.

Sanitize your hands after touching unknown objects

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on you when you go out.

Avoid crowded areas

Avoid crowded supermarkets and shops that have narrow aisles to them. There are certain times of the day supermarkets are less busy so go in those off peak hours. Avoid places like the beach on really hot days.

If you suffer with health anxiety during this time and want my help, call Scott at Oakley hypnotherapy on 07525851033 for a free initial consultation. Health anxiety can be treated with hypnotherapy and talk therapy. Stay safe everyone.

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