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Habits that ruin your confidence

Hi I wanted to write about habits that are ruining your confidence because I think in this modern world it is getting easier and easier to become lazy and then thinking that the laziness is the norm because everyone else does it. To get out of lazy habits you need to create new and improved habits. Remember that your habits determine your outcomes and in turn your outcomes determine your life. So here are a few habits that you may want to change: 1. Spending to much time indoors (Okay I am writing this article during the Covid pandemic, we have all been spending to much time indoors but some of the time it hasn't been our own decision) Sometimes staying indoors your problems can seem big problems and that they are the end of the world. But getting outdoors for a walk, take in scenery, exercise etc can put your problems in perspective and keep you in touch with the rest of the world. 2. Social media I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Okay I got that out my system. Social media makes people reactive, creates jealousy, distracted from reality and makes people walking round like zombies. People living in the modern era are just having experiences online and missing out on the real world. People lose social skills and lose the ability to talk to one another (i.e face to face). People tend to avoid tough situations because they can go back to the easy digital world.

3. Comparing yourself to other people GET RID OF THE JEALOUSY

When you compare yourself to others then you make the mistake of believing that your life should be exactly the same as their life. Unless you made a clone of yourself this would never work. People have different goals in life, they come from different backgrounds. Some have to start right at the bottom, some have more of a leg up in life. I could sit here and compare myself to Prince William and be more depressed that his life has turned out much better than my life but that would be a waste of time, he has come from royalty... But also thinking about it... I wouldn't want his life because me and him have different goals in life.

4. Relying on men/women for your self confidence

I think we have all been there...

Whether it be in person or online dating you see someone you really like the look of and... they reject you straight away. Either that or you go on 1 or 2 dates with them and then they reject you. The problem is you are putting your confidence and self esteem in the hands of other people. THIS IS SELF SABOTAGE!! STOP PUTTING YOUR CONFIDENCE IN SOMETHING THAT IS GUARANTEED TO FAIL. No matter how interesting, good looking or how much of a complete catch you are you will NEVER have a 100% success rate in the dating world.

Stop putting pressure on yourself and know your value.

5. Getting rid of the snooze button

This one is the one that sounds easy... But lets face it... having another 5 minutes of sleep is sooo appealing.

Start making a plan of what you want to do during the day, get up and exercise, write a gratitude journal, go for a morning walk, move towards your goal and what you want to achieve.

So when that alarm goes off in the morning make it feel more appealing to yourself to want to get up and start the day. If you would like my help with confidence issues, self esteem, anxiety or motivation then call Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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