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Break ups - Can anyone guarantee to get your ex back?

Hi there, Scott Fitzgerald here. I wanted to talk today about Break ups and a commonly asked question I get asked is "How can I get my ex back? If you have been through a break up or are going through a break up right now you know how bad it feels and how you would do anything to get your ex back. You may be watching Youtube video after Youtube video on the best ways to get your ex back. If you're doing this you have probably noticed these people who say they can GUARANTEE to get your ex back with their (high priced) system. Let me tell you something now about these GUARANTEED systems... THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS A GUARANTEE IN LIFE. These people are just conning poor, desperate and heartbroken people into spending their money. If you take one thing from this is DON'T TRUST THOSE WHO CAN GUARANTEE TO GET YOUR EX BACK. You may have also noticed a lot of information that counter acts with other information you have learned and you probably wonder which is right and which is wrong. I have seen videos where they say to have NO CONTACT FOR 30 DAYS.... and if your ex contacts you within those 30 days to ignore them... Let me ask you something with this.. 1. Why 30 days? What Is 29 days not enough and 31 days to long?

2. What do you hope to gain by ignoring your ex? How can you get someone back if you ignore them?

There is no magic on the 30th day. The general rule of this is that you wait long enough for the other person to miss you, they put the rose coloured glasses on so to speak and remember only the good times they have had with you. They may have also dated other people in this time and think that they are no where near as good as what you were (Having previously had strong emotions to you they will remember that in time and another person won't compare initially to what you had) BUT THIS COMES WHEN THE OTHER PERSON IS READY TO REACH OUT... COULD BE 30 DAYS, 60 DAYS, 2 YEARS, 1 WEEK... THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT ON THIS. Ignoring your ex? How is this one going to help? If you want them back ignoring them isn't going to do anything but have you come across as you are ignorant, rude or that you're sulking. You shouldn't ignore your ex but rather you should limit contact with them, only talk to them if they reach out to you, don't be the one messaging them. You're a busy person, you haven't got time to be chasing them.

Use the time wisely, work on yourself to make you the best person of yourself you can be.

If they reach out to you then make a date with them, either a drink or dinner round at your place.

I understand break ups can be tough. If you have had a break up or you're in no contact and want my help please call me on 07525851033 to book a free initial consultation. I can help you with getting your confidence up and calming your anxiety.

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