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Weight Reduction: Stop saying loss

Hi all

How many people do you know that have gone out to lose weight only to find they put it all back on again? I see it time and time again. The main problem with people trying to lose weight is that they haven't got a strategy how to do it, they set an unrealistic target of what they are going to eat and how much they will exercise and think that will power will do the rest. Well will power is just an oxymoron... There is no power in will power. Eventually the unrealistic goals will crack and they will slide down back to their original weight. The best plan to avoid this pitfall is to have a strategy, some plans, tips and techniques to have that mind set in place so you will succeed in your goals. One strategy to have is to avoid the word LOSS Why is that? Loss is a negative word, nothing good comes out of loss. Think about it... What is something good that you lost? Keys, phone, wallet, purse, passport, money? The only thing good that we say we lost is weight, but many years ago (way before we had the convenience of supermarkets for food) if someone was to say they were losing weight it would mean that they were ill or even worse dying. Well human beings take thousands of years to evolve so it hasn't evolved that much to know the difference So now in this modern civilised world we say weight loss and think that our mind is programmed that this is a good thing. So if weight loss is a bad thing, why do companies use weight loss on their products? Simple answer to that is marketing. If the mass public goes on amazon or google they type in weight loss, that's who they are appealing to.

If you type weight loss into amazon it will auto predict weight loss pills, tea, shakes, tablets. If you type in weight reduction though it auto predicts weight reduction for dogs and cats... (I think they know that if your dog or cat didn't reduce weight then there would be many complaints) Also what is the main point in companies marketing? To sell products, and sell them multiple times. If people do reduce your weight permanently then you won't be buying their products. Other words you can use instead of loss

Replace loss with words like: reduction, shedding, eliminating, moving away from, reduce, slim down, burning fat If you would like my help with weight reduction, confidence building or reducing anxiety then please call Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 and arrange a FREE initial consultation.

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