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Weight control - Do you struggle with motivation?

Let me tell you a story about Jane. Jane was overweight, but she was okay with it, she wasn't happy with her weight but she could live with it. One day Jane was eating a take away meal in her cubicle in her office but no one knew she was there. A parcel delivery driver walked in with a parcel and turned to one of the office workers who was rushing out the door and said "I have a parcel for Jane Smith", the officer worker who was in a rush walking out the door said "desk in the corner, big woman with brown hair" Jane's heart sank, she was angry that the office worker described her a 'the big woman'. Jane through her take away in the bin and said enough was enough she is going to lose weight!! As soon as Jane finished work she joined a gym and started the new diet. Jane did well at first, going to the gym 5 days a week, keeping on a strict diet and losing 3 to 4 pounds each week. Jane was getting many compliments from her office colleagues and getting asked for advice by some of her friends who also wanted to lose weight. Sadly though this routine didn't keep up. One day Jane had to work late on one of her gym days and missed the gym,she got home late and decided to have a takeaway. One off day can't hurt right?

Over time the gym routine went down from 5 days to 4 days then 3,2, 1 and then some weeks got missed entirely. The strict diet went from being strict everyday to the odd treat every now and then to going back to how it was before. Eventually the weight came back on and the yo yo weight loss routine was back to where Jane first started. WHAT DID JANE DO RIGHT? She started the diet and the gym routine immediately. Most people will say I will start it on Monday, if you're fully determined to do something start immediately. Jane also helped her friends which is a good motivator. WHAT DID JANE DO WRONG? She lost focus of her goal, lost the pattern of her routine and went back to her old routine. The problem with the diet routine is that if you eat healthy it takes weeks and months to notice changes. If you eat the junk food lets say for example chocolate, then you get that taste and good flavour immediately. If you had to wait 2 -3 weeks for the chocolate to be satisfying then I would bet that not much chocolate would be sold today. Of course when you focus on how good chocolate tastes you lose focus on that perfect weight you want to be, keeping your focus on your ideal weight and figure and really imagining how amazing that would feel will override any junk food craving.

Another problem is that junk food is usually quick to prepare, most of the time it is instant, if you don't have time to cook then the more likely hood is that you will reach for the junk food. To stop this from happening pre prepare meals when you do have free time so you have loads of quick options for food if you need it. Setting a realistic exercise plan. Know yourself and what you want to accomplish but be realistic with how much free time you have and how much you can spend exercising. Don't set a 5 day gym plan then get upset and disheartened because you missed a day. Instead set 2 to 3 day gym plan or exercise from home when you cant make it to the gym. The most important thing when you're trying to lose weight and want an ideal figure is to not to lose focus on your goal. Visualise what you want dailly first thing you wake up, when the gym gets tough and when you're tempted by the junk food. If you would like my help to lose weight, get motivated, increase your confidence or help with depression then call Scott at Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 and book a free initial consultation.

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