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Overcoming My Needle Phobia

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

When I was 9 years old I had to go for my MMR injection at school, I had only started in the school just a few months, I remember lining up with the other kids and not even know what an injection was. When I sat down and the nurse gave me the injection and made the stupid decision of looking straight at it while she was doing it. I felt fine until I got back into class with the other kids in my year (who I was trying to make an impression on at the time) looking on... I passed out. I woke up to find them all staring at me, I felt so embarrassed but sadly that wasn't the end of this ordeal, once I got up I threw up on the nice new carpet in the classroom. Even after an extensive clean up by the school, that carpet remained stained throughout my time there.

After this event the phobia of needles was nicely installed inside me, every time I went for an injection after this the same thing would happen again. It did become the running joke of the school as the other kids there were expecting this to happen each time.

Fast forward to me at 29 years old and I went to the doctors to get a mole removed. Needless to say the phobia of needles was still as strong as ever. I was doing OK until the inevitable happened... I needed an injection. But something strange happened, not the passing out part as that still happened, but it is what the doctor said and my response to it that was the interesting part. The doctor told me "Don't worry its only a small needle" and I replied "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SMALL NEEDLE". Now there was nothing wrong with my eyesight I could see that the needle was only small but I wouldn't discover what that really meant until later that year when I learned about NLP. On the first day of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training, Richard Bandler sat on stage and told us all that on the 2nd from last day would be phobia day, we were going to face our phobias, he said that they were bringing in big snakes and spider's. A lot of people gasped at that point (I didn't until he spoke about needles), but he said something very interesting about this... He said that there wasn't any spiders, snakes (or needles) in the room and yet we were all scared, meaning its not the thing itself that scares us; its what we are creating in our mind that scares us.

So when I said that "THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS A SMALL NEEDLE" what I was really seeing was big images in my mind. And all the other times I passed out, it wasn't the needle, it was the images and movies that were playing in my head that scared me and made me pass out. With the help of hypnosis and NLP I was able to overcome my fear of needles (and it was so easy), later that year I gave blood. But its not just about conquering the fear of needles, I did something I never believed I could do, so after that I wondered... what else can I do that I never believed I could do before? I went on to complete a half marathon when I use to believe I was the unfittest person alive. Once you break one limiting belief the rest can get broken to. For my help to overcome your phobia's and smash your limiting beliefs call me on 07525851033 to book an appointment.

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