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Influence - Law of social proof

Hi all

I want to talk about the law of social proof and how it can help you. Companies use the law of social proof all the time when they are marketing themselves and they do this by many ways and means. Testimonials: Getting customer feedback and having it plastered on their website, google reviews and trip advisor to name a few, this lets people know that others think they have a good product or service so you shouldn't be disappointed either. Lets be honest if you were looking for a mobile phone on ebay and 2 sellers had the phone you wanted, both selling for the same price but one seller had 5000 positive reviews and the 2nd seller had 3 positive reviews then you are more than likely going to pick the first seller. Celebrity endorsement: Getting a well known celebrity to endorse a product is another way companies use to sell their products. These celebrities have thousands and maybe millions of fans so they are able to easier win over these people when selling their products. Examples would be David Beckham aftershave or Beyonce perfume. Keeping people waiting: Have you ever noticed a big cue for a night club and when you do cue you notice the bouncers just randomly let people in now and then without anyone actually leaving the club? and when you get in the club if half empty anyway. Well this is done deliberately to make the club look more popular than it really is. If you were out in a new town and you seen three clubs and one had a big cue to get in and the other two didn't, would you not think that the club with the cue must be the place to go, or at the very least be very intrigued as to why this clubs seems popular. It is all just an illusion to make the club more popular than it really is. How many people bought this item: Of course as well the sales numbers, if lots of people have bought it then it must be good. Right? Also with this they may recommend items other people have bought when buying this item You might be thinking at this point so how can the law of social proof help me personally? Well it can help in many ways: Going on a date with a stranger may workout for you but if you had a mutual friend with that person then the date will more than likely give you more of a chance as they know a mutual friend likes you so you must be okay and less likely to mess you around (last minute date cancellations for example) Going for a job interview when you know someone who works at the company and can put in a good word for you will dramatically put you ahead of the rest of the candidates. Getting introduced to people from mutual friends helps you get a leg up knowing other people. and making new friends. If he is friends with so and so then he must be okay, right?

These are just a few examples but the law of social proof is powerful stuff and it is everywhere. Look around for it and see what brilliant examples you can find.

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