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Awareness Exercise - Complete at least once a day

Hi all I believe in our fast paced modern world that we don't take enough time out between tasks. If you asked somebody what they did yesterday they would say something like....I did this then I did that, then I did this and that. We don't take the time to pause, to just stop and give the mind a rest. Well I thought I would share with you just a quick and simple one with you, it can take as much or as little time as you like but if you say your'e too busy to do it then I am sure you can spend 2 to 3 minutes of your day on it. Have your eyes open to start but as you get more of a feel for the exercise you can decide whether or not to close them, its entirely up to you. Just sit comfortably in a comfortable chair and allow all the activity of the day to just fall away……

Feel your feet on the floor…..

Feel the your back against the chair…….

Feel the pressure of the clothes against the skin………

Feel the play of air upon the face…….. and the hands…………….

Feel the air you breathe as it comes in through the nose....... and out through your mouth

Be aware of what you can hear…… allow the hearing to run right out…. Embracing all……

Be aware of what you can smell…….

Be aware of what you can taste……….

If the eyes are open, let colour and shape be received without comment………

If you do this for 2 minutes twice a day you will notice the benefits within a couple of weeks.

And before you ask... No you don't have to do this on top a mountain, it works just as well in the comfort of your own home. If you would like help with anxiety, confidence issues or relationships then please call Scott at Oakley Hypnotherapy on 07525851033 to book a free initial consultation.

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